The Best Audio-Based YouTubers You Should Be Watching

From film composers to Abelton Live trainers, here are several YouTube channels worthy of your subscription that will help you learn more about audio.

From film composers to Abelton Live trainers, here are several YouTube channels worthy of your subscription that will help you learn more about audio.

Youtube has everything you could think of regarding content consumption, from reviews to the latest and greatest technology brought to the market to cute animals and fail videos.

Today we are bringing our focus to a selection of audio-based channels, from tutorials, gear, and equipment lowdowns. Complete explanations of key terminology within the audio world, and some creative and unique ways to make music. Each recommendation brings something to the audio youtube world that could help you learn, discover, enjoy or maybe consider buying or upgrading something within your current setup.

Tall Guy Films

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Tall Guy Films channel is full of exciting and helpful content on learning the ins and outs of audio. Full breakdowns on specific topics such as surround sound, ambisonic audio, and things to improve your audio setup and quality with simple, clear recommendations and guides.

The channel has been around for a while (created in late 2014) and produced multiple ranges of topics, from video and audio gear reviews to color grading, though the main focus of the channel over the past few years has been audio based. 

The channel only produces a new video every month; each video is carefully crafted and scripted well to the topic on hand, offering the viewer bite-sized length content with all the relevant information that’s easily digestible with diagrams and simple wording without being overwhelming.

Though a smaller creator (in the sense of subscribers), Tall Guy Films brings a much more one-to-one content, making you feel like he’s teaching you rather than throwing a lot of information you’d expect to know already. 

Suggested videos to watch from Tall Guy Films:-

Christian Henson Music

For me, Christian’s channel is very much like a mixed bag of sweets; you know, whatever you grab out of the bag will be sweet, tasty, and fulfilling. Being an Ivor Novello and BAFTA nominated composer and co-founder of Spitfire Audio, Christian has a lot of history within the music and audio scene.

His videos are well produced, detailed, and exciting. Yes, they can be quite an investment to watch (length of the videos range from 7 minutes to 45 minute podcast-like videos) but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the content Christian brings. 

As regards the channel content, it’s a wide range. From in-depth conversations with fellow composers, teaching you how to make an arrangement for a multi-episodic drama, offering free samples with his insight into creating them, to inspiring meaningful messages for viewers with a passion for music production or composers who are struggling with things such as burnout or creative blocks. 

Christian also brings us out of the studio for a more personal chat, discussing hard-hitting topics that have shaped his life and that he’s struggled with and overcome. The content can be very overwhelming to any newcomer wanting to pursue a career as a composer but do not let that stop you. There is some really insightful information and lessons to be learned from Christian’s channel and experiences. 

Suggested videos to watch from Christian Henson Music :


Not your average audio creative YouTuber, LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER (we will abbreviate it down to LMNC for within this piece), aka Sam Battle is a musician/producer/writer/creative that has a very interesting way of making music and sounds. LMNC started back in April 2016, the name initially was for a ZINE  about his weird obsession within his creative side but instead incorporated documenting and uploading content to youtube with this name as well.

With only a year and a half of learning music in university and no training in electronics, LMNC’s ways of using obsolete, old vintage electronics spliced together to create a very Frankenstein-looking device to produce some insane sounds and music is something awe-inspiring and mind-blowingly cool to watch.

The channel is very active in content, often getting 2-3 videos a month; each video is unique, with LMNC often bringing and making concepts and ideas that would never usually work, WORK! With a strong element of his musical knowledge coming from playing synthesizers, LMNC brings science, sound, and electronics to the forefront of his work. 

I enjoy seeing LMNC videos every time they appear in my subscription box throughout the month, and I highly suggest checking out his videos if you want a unique spin on music creation.

Suggested videos to watch from LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER:-

New Record Day

For all those audiophiles, there is Ron with his channel “New Record Day.” If you find the perfect setup for listening to that new vinyl you bought or want the lowdown on the latest and greatest speakers on the market, New Record Day has you covered.

The channel is aimed at audiophiles with reviews on speakers, amps, DACs and headphones, New Record Day does offer insightful information on how to set up and produce the best sound possible within the space you have, comparison gear videos,, and the rare occasional livestream on the newest developments within the scene. 

Content isn’t pushed out on a regular schedule but the channel is still active in putting content out every month or so as of writing.

Suggested videos to watch from New Record Day:-

LNA Does Audio Stuff

LNA Does Audio Stuff, aka Liina Turtonen is a Finnish music producer, musician, and YouTuber based in York, UK. Liina is a former Music Production lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire but now she consistently publishes approachable and innovative music production tutorials with a fun and fresh style.

Males mainly dominate the youtube audio space, LNA challenges this with her detailed tutorials, music production skills set, unique production techniques,, and insightful gear recommendations while making it digestible and welcoming for anyone vaguely interested in music or audio production. 

Tutorials are mainly taught through Ableton Live as she is a certified Ableton trainer and has spent many years working with the program, mixing and mastering her own music but others as well. The videos are very welcoming, with a fun and friendly atmosphere with no stigma or barrier of entry. The videos are aimed to be entertaining but also informative, making them an excellent recommendation or starting point for anyone and everyone.

Suggested videos to watch from LNA Does Audio Stuff:

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