IndieTips Store Launch: Dive into a Universe of Sound with Planetary Scores

February 27, 2024
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Astronaut in Space

IndieTips has a store, and you can enjoy 25% off your first purchase.

For the longest time, the IndieTips store has been in development. In the winter of 2014, I applied for funding from my local council to develop a filmmaking asset store, but my application was declined. The reason was that I was already earning money through YouTube Adsense, indicating that my business was considered established and, therefore, making me ineligible. Time passed, and I kept assuring everyone that the store would soon be active. Every month, I had a new, unique idea, but before I knew it, a decade had flown by, asset stores are a dime a dozen, and now my knees click every time I bend down.

But as of this week, the store is finally open. It offers royalty-free music and editing assets, all priced for the low-budget creator. I promise we won’t be selling film burns or paper texture transitions—how many asset stores can survive on just those?

Planetary Scores

Our first venture into the royalty-free music world is with our sci-fi-inspired album, Planetary Scores.

Planetary Scores is a collection of 15 space-themed, royalty-free tracks. From upbeat synth melodies for action-packed scenes to mellow, droning tunes that capture the vastness of space, this album has everything you need to give your projects an extraterrestrial vibe. Unlike PremiumBeat, it’s not $49 a track, and unlike Artlist, you don’t need a monthly subscription. It’s one flat fee, tailored for no-budget and indie filmmakers. It’s priced at £79.99 for an album of 15 (approx. USD $104, EUR 95, CAD $140).

You can preview the entire album here.

The album was composed by electronic artist Zoe Sones and features a wide array of tracks inspired by various space-like situations. Haunted by a lone Martian on a planet? We got it. Need an upbeat synth track while your protagonist performs advanced calculations? Boom, this track. Has your robot character arrived back on his home planet, and you need a bitter-sweet melody? Yep, we have that covered, too. Explore the entire soundscape, and note that if you prefer individual tracks over the entire pack, they are available for licensing (find our license agreement here).

Beyond the unbeatable prices and exceptional music quality, a standout benefit of these tracks is the exclusive opportunity to be the first to showcase this music in your video projects. How often have you heard the same popular stock music across several commercials?

This album marks the beginning of many royalty-free offerings in our store. Over the coming months, we’ll introduce unique overlays and mogrts that move beyond the generic conventions of the asset marketplace.

To celebrate the launch of Planetary Scores, we’re giving blog readers 25% off! This code will only last for the next six days, so be sure to act fast. Enter Reader25 into the coupon box at the checkout menu.

Lewis McGregor

Lewis McGregor is a filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.